Importing Files – Vectorworks

The Import command imports files from a number of different file formats. This command opens drawings produced in other software programs in Vectorworks, where the drawing objects and data can then be manipulated. The original file remains unchanged.

To import a file:

  • Select Filed > Import
  • Select the import option to use
  • Select a file from the Open dialog box
  • Click Open


Import Format
DWG and DXF files are produced by other CAD programs (such as AutoCAD®). To avoid unexpected formatting problems with DXF/DWG, import into a blank document. Vectorworks can import DWG/DXF files from version 2007/2008/2009 format or lower.
DXF and DWG files can be imported as Vectorworks symbols, using the active layer’s scale. When a file is imported as a symbol, paper space objects are ignored. The symbol’s name is automatically assigned based on the original file name, without the .dxf or .dwg extension.
Single DXF/DWG File
Imports a single DXF/DWG file at a time, instead of in a batch
Encapsulated PostScript Files (EPSF) are produced by many graphics and desktop-publishing programs. EPSFs are typically high-resolution files, but will only display a preview image if one was selected when the file was created.
Image File
Image files, including GIF, JPG, TIF, BMP, and others, can be imported.
PICT files were first produced by MacDraw and other object-oriented drawing programs. PICT is also the native format of the Macintosh clipboard. PICT files imported into Vectorworks can be more than a single object, allowing image editing. Images imported with this command automatically have PNG compression applied.
PICT as Picture
PICT as Picture files are imported as a single graphic object. The following operations cannot be performed on this type of import: Trim tool, Clip tool, and Shear tool. Picture images retain picture comments when imported into Vectorworks.
Graphics files in the Metafile format can be imported from virtually any program, including AutoCAD and word processing programs. There are two versions of Metafiles: standard (pre-Windows 95) and enhanced. Vectorworks supports the enhanced version. Images imported with this command automatically have PNG compression applied.
Metafile as Picture
Metafile as Picture files are imported as a single graphic object; the trim, clip, and shear operations cannot be used on this type of import
Vectorworks can import a variety of worksheet formats, including text, comma-delimited, CSV, DIF, and SLK. A worksheet must be open to receive the import. (To import a Vectorworks worksheet into the current drawing, use the Resource Browser.)
Imports a series of VectorScript commands into a Vectorworks file
Parasolid X_T (3D only)
Imports 3D Parasolid X_T objects, including NURBS curves, NURBS surfaces, and solids; solids are imported as generic solids
IGES (3D only)
During IGES import, points are imported as a group of 3D loci, NURBS curves are imported as a group of NURBS curves, NURBS surfaces are imported as a group of NURBS surfaces, closed solids are imported as a group of imported solids, and open solids are imported as a group of NURBS surfaces. If there is only one element in the IGES file, it is imported as a single element rather than grouped. Imported solids cannot be ungrouped or edited through the Edit Group command; they can be used in solid operations.
SAT (3D only)
Imports ACIS/SAT 3D solids as NURBS-based Vectorworks solids


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