Light Plot Deconstructed

Light Plot Deconstructed by veteran scenic and lighting designer Gregg Hillmar provides a short, accessible, and easy-to-follow guide to Vectorworks Spotlight software. Intended as a companion handbook rather than a step-by-step tutorial, this book explains the approach Gregg uses to create light plots.

This third edition of Light Plot Deconstructed includes updated menu commands, illustrations, and tool references for use with the 2011 version of Vectorworks Spotlight. The manual provides detailed information needed for the creation of light plots, including instrumentation, viewports, paperwork, and the exchange of data with Lightwright, making it an essential resource for every lighting designer.

Remarkable Renderworks™ is a must-have tutorial for anyone wanting to become proficient in using Renderworks, the essential rendering tool designed to work seamlessly withVectorworks ® software. This workbook uses an exercise-based format to cover the basic tools and techniques that will put you well on your way to creating impressive renderings of your projects. Written by respected architect and long-timeVectorworks user Daniel Jansenson, the manual is intended for the Renderworks user who already has some experience with the fundamentals ofVectorworks software.


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