Greyscalegorilla is an active community and resource for CINEMA 4D training and tools. They make learning more accessible and effective by creating easy-to-follow tutorials and training that show you way more than just what buttons to push. They also work to develop tools to streamline your creative workflow and to help remove tedious and repetitive tasks so you can spend time making great work.

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City Kit $170 Read more > Pro Studios $80 Read more > Transform $230 Read more >
  • instant City Builder for C4D
  • low poly for fast rendering
  • day and night time rigs
  • 70 more hi-rez HDRI maps
  • perfect add-on to HDRI Studio
  • made by C4D artists
  • C4D build and destroy tool 
  • 69 animation presets
  • animate without keyframes
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Light Kit Pro $110 Read more > HDRI Pack $110 Read more > Signal $150 Read more >
  • instant Studio Lighting in C4D
  • based on real studio lights
  • Over 40 preset light studios
  • gver 70 HDRI studio maps
  • global illumination presets
  • easily render GI animation
  • animate with no keyframes
  • seamless loopable animation
  • animate any parameter in C4D
Texture Kit $110 Read more >  
  • over 600 custom C4D materials
  • procedural and image based
  • textures for every situation

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