Vectorworks Tech Support Request

Whether you’re a Vectorworks novice or expert, everyone needs a little help sometimes. Resolve’s knowledgable Vectorworks support team are backed by years of industry experience, and are here to help make your life a little easier.

Vectorworks users have a  year of free tech support. That year is renewed with an upgrade to a current version.

Members of Vectorworks Service Select always have Priority Technical Support. Your requests should go through your company’s Tech Support Liaison, who has the contact information for our dedicated phone line and email address.

If your free technical support has expired, our rate is $120/h.

You can help us solve your problems more quickly by including as much of the following information as possible:

  • a description of the problem, along with steps to repeat it
  • the version and build number of Vectorworks (available in the About Vectorworks menu item)
  • are you using Mac or Windows, and which specific operating system version or service pack
  • is the problem repeatable (i.e. always, sometimes, only happened once), and if yes, what are the steps
  • is the problem isolated to a single file (if yes, please send the file with your request);
  • is the problem isolated to a single machine
  • have you tried any troubleshooting steps yet, and if so, what
  • any other info you think might be helpful

In addition to these points, a couple of things to keep in mind are that if the problem clearly involves a particular file:

  • send the file immediately rather than waiting for us to request it. If the file is too large for email, give us a link to your FTP site or a file sharing service such as DropBox or YouSendIt
  • large files with numerous layers, classes and sheets are sometimes hard to navigate, so if we need to look at a specific place in the file, it’s helpful if you save it with the view centred on that location. A big, red circle drawn around a problem area, and/or text explaining where to look are always appreciated as well


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