I find the software training options from Resolve to be fantastic. Working alone and not having used drafting software in over a decade, I needed guidance. And it was available, in every form | CD-ROMs, manuals, one day courses, personal online training. It’s all there, and the tech support team has been top notch. Providing this level of service seems to be a company mission

Karen Rankin

The image I obtain from Vectorworks is clean and sharp even with curves and text. I can send drawings in a multitude of ways allowing me greater flexibility with file transfers. The program itself completes so many functions for me that I can finish drawings in record time. I think that the ability to see and print the drawing in 3D, from many angles, is both helpful to me, as a designer, and the client. I especially love the colour palette, and the way I can add texture and shadows to drawings. It makes presentations a breeze.”

Cheryl Thompson, Poolehouse Designs

I felt more comfortable in the first three months of using Vectorworks, than I did with years of using other cad programs.

Bryan Marthaler, Vaughan Landscape Planning and Design

We were in the market for some CAD software a few years ago.  I was at the time thrown into the position, and I had no formal CAD training.  We were using AutoCAD on a small scale, but I got lost in the complexity, and seemingly unpractical way to design a simple object.

We were pondering taking the next step up to Inventor, or Solidworks, but we also rely heavily on the 2D component as we draw site layouts.  I have been a Mac fan for years, and I wondered if there was any complex CAD software available on the Apple platform.  Here is where I found Vectorworks, and to my delight it was also cross-platform.

With a great risk going away from ‘Industry Standard’ we decided to move towards Vectorworks, and for the same cost as a full version of AutoCAD, I got a Vectorworks license, and a powerful new Mac system.

I found Vectorworks to be extremely intuitive, and well rounded, and I caught on very quickly even thought I had very little CAD experience.  Also, its rendering capabilities, built right in the software, made a great everyday rendering solution without moving to a separate program.

Overall, VectorWorks is a great solution for us and is very versatile and easily programmable and has made our lives here at APE Playground Inc., much easier and more accurate.

Eddie DeJong, APE Playground Inc.

As Lighting Designers and Directors Vectorworks is probably the most important tool we use. Simple, easy to use, customised for lighting, with powerful rendering capabilities and a must as far as I’m concerned for anyone looking to be a serious player in the lighting industry. It’s not just about the product though it’s also about the support. The team at Resolve Software has consistently provided us with exceptional service and immediate support for whatever our needs.

Jason Jennings, Jennings Lighting Consultants Ltd.

I’m glad I got the upgrade as soon as it [Vectorworks 2009] came out. Performance is noticeably better on several functions, and the user interface changes are a welcome improvement. The new feel of the snaps is confidence-inspiring in that the feedback from the cursor sticks to snap points and provides confirmation of where the next pick will be registered. The snap loupe is a huge time saver.

Steve Mechem, Acumen Design Solutions

Thank you for the training session last week with our staff. All had great praise for your course and felt it taught much. One woman who has been to a variety of course types said that you are the best teacher/facilitator/trainer she has run into. Thanks for the course, it was money well spent and something I should have done sooner.

Jim Melvin, Partner, PMA Landscape Architects, Toronto, ON