Vectorworks Fundamentals 2018 Top Features

Multiple Drawing Views: With the new Enable Multiple Views command, users can see views of their project simultaneously, and begin work in one view pane and finish it in another. Switch effortlessly between viewports, views and visibility settings -just set up panes and view them all at once. Instantly gauge the impact of a design change across 3D, plan, section and elevation views, and even start a rendering in one view while working in another.

Improved Subdivision  Modeling: Unlike other design and BIM applications on the market, Vectorworks already offers best-in-class 3D modeling technology to help designers quickly model any form. With the latest enhancements to the Edit Subdivision modeling feature, based on

Pixar® Animation Studio’s OpenSubdiv libraries several new editing modes are available that will not only make modeling faster and easier, but also enable the creation of shapes that were previously only imagined.

Enhanced Resource Manager: Spend less time managing thousands of resources with new search options, such as those that contain AND, OR, etc., that enable users to find aggregated or isolated results. Filtering for multiple criteria, such as object type and manufacturer is now  possible using tags and partial context searching. Plus, use the Resource Manager to find, edit and manage often-used resources, thanks to the improved layout that now includes, folder breadcrumbs, additional  navigation options and vertical orientation.

Easier Title Block Customization: The title block has been redesigned to allow for the customization of items such as variables, orientation, etc. There are also an unlimited number of fields to help users include the information they want to show in a title block. And thanks to the support of styles, managing many title blocks across one or multiple projects is simpler than ever before.

Streamlined Worksheets:  Creating reports and schedules is now more accessible and automated, and designers can present complex worksheets without having to manually enter formulas or remember how to access data from different record formats.

Upgraded Renderworks with MAXON CineRender: With the natively integrated MAXON CineRender  R18, Renderworks provides faster, higher-quality rendering directly within the Vectorworks design environment to help create realistic visualizations and presentations of designs. The upgrade introduces better rendering of metals, especially brushed metal; a new cloth shader for visualization of woven-cloth patterns; a new shadow catcher feature that allows shadows on virtual objects to be composited properly onto real photos; and a new Parallax shader effect to achieve displacement  mapping quality in less overall time.

New Rendered Panoramas: Provide clients a 360-degree interactive view of models – no matter how big the model is -with this new capability in the Renderworks feature set.

Improved Cloud Services: Sharing designs, drawings and 3D models with clients and partners has never been so simple: designers can now use Google Drive with Vectorworks Cloud Services. Plus, we’ve completely updated the Cloud Services web portal. Enjoy better file organization, an easier-to-use sharing interface and even the ability to generate Web View VR links of files in the cloud.

MacBook Pro Touch Bar Support: With the latest MacBook® Pro edition, users are provided with some of the most common tools and options, including standard views, readily available on the Touch Bar. Furthermore, the feature is user customizable, so users can work the way they want and work more efficiently, adding the tools most frequently used for their workflows.

Stay Informed with the New Message Center: The new Message Center provides customers with valuable news, such as service pack updates and the latest training videos. With the new Message Center, never miss an important message related to Vectorworks software. A simple alert will display in the Message bar when a new message is waiting.


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